When to Use Reviews vs Testimonials for Maximum Impact

When potential customers conduct a search for your product or service, they want to know more than the price. They’re curious about the type of service you provide and the experience they’ll have with your business.

They don’t want to discover the hard way that you provide substandard service or products. As a result, they examine what other customers are saying about your service or products.

On the Internet, there are two key sources for this information: testimonials and reviews.

Thus, what former customers have to say about your brand is critical… a great deal!

Customers’ Attitudes Toward Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most significant things that you may have on your website.

Having a large number of them, particularly those that include images or videos, helps your brand appear more personable, reputable, and established.

However, regardless of how wonderful the testimonials are, they will not be seen by customers until they arrive on your website.

Numerous businesses value testimonials because they demonstrate what customers have to say about their products or services. They are, however, less popular among customers.

Testimonials are simple to include on a website, and you retain complete control over the information displayed.

As a result, customers dislike testimonials; many customers are aware that many businesses exert control over what appears in testimonials. Additionally, customers understand that no business will post bad comments on their page, even if a large number of customers have negative experiences.

Some customers suspect businesses of altering or fabricating testimonials.

Even if you are completely candid and offer both positive and bad comments, some customers will believe you are omitting information. Thus, even if your website contains a large number of negative and neutral comments, customers will believe you are concealing something far worse.

Have Reviews That Contribute to Increased Leads and Sales

Reviews always outperform testimonials for the following reasons:

• 97 percent of prospective customers read online reviews of local businesses, and 13% of these customers conduct daily searches for local businesses.

• 85% of consumers place the same value on online reviews as they do on recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers.

• Positive reviews increase a brand’s credibility among 73% of potential customers.

• Nearly 90% of consumers read less than ten reviews before making a purchase decision regarding a brand.

As a result, online reviews are the emerald of online marketing.

Possessing a greater number of 4- or 5-star reviews than your competitors will help raise your brand. A positive review count conveys the idea that your brand is trustworthy; this automatically places you in consideration.

Customers value and trust reviews more than testimonials, owing to the unbiased nature of reviews. Additionally, customers have complete control over the data that appear in reviews. Due to the fact that reviews are maintained on third-party sites that have no intention of altering the information, customers place a higher premium on reviews than on testimonials.

Reviews are the sole pieces of information that appear in your business’s Google Plus listing. As a result, customers will see your business’s name, contact information, and reviews. Additionally, if you have unfavorable reviews, they will display immediately and may sway a potential customer’s decision. Positive reviews will do the same thing.

Thus, it is critical to provide the greatest service or product available in order to garner the maximum number of positive reviews.

When requested, 7 out of 10 customers will submit a review for a business. The final step is critical; do not believe that if your service or product is excellent, reviews will automatically come in. That is not the way it works!

The reality is that if you provide excellent service and invite customers to submit reviews, you will receive 5-star reviews. And if you do not inquire, you will not receive even a one-star rating.

Are All Reviews Created Equal?

In November 2017, Google accounted for 92 percent of all online searches. Bing came in second place with 2.75 percent of all online queries.

It is critical to request reviews on Google from your customers.

And you may accomplish this by requesting this of each consumer.

Having more Google reviews than your competitors improves your brand’s search engine ranking. Additionally, this increases your online presence, which results in increased visitors to your websites – ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

However, you should not exclusively rely on Google reviews. Consider the sources of your most valuable customers and request that they submit a review on those sites.

What about negative reviews?

Believe it or not, these are beneficial as well because they offer legitimacy to positive reviews. Consumers will doubt your genuineness if you only have 5-star reviews.

If you have a high number of 5-star reviews but only a few negative ones, customers will read the negative reviews first. This is because they’ll want to determine whether the issues experienced by other customers apply to them as well.

However, if the situation is unusual or situational, customers will not be put off.

By responding promptly and correctly to negative reviews, you can convert them into something more important than a 5-star review.

Request Reviews, not Testimonials, from Your Customers

Replace your testimonial page with a page that links to your off-site reviews to increase online traffic and sales.

Solicit reviews from current and prior customers. To earn more favorable reviews, provide superior products or services.

Additionally, you’ll receive better reviews if you target the correct demographic. For the highest level of customer satisfaction, identify customers for whom your products or services will provide a solution or benefit.

Bear in mind that positive reviews create more leads and convert more sales. Additionally, the more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will submit positive reviews.


Reviews and testimonials are both great ways to help your business grow.

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, let’s talk! Give us a call or send an email with questions about how reviews can help boost your online business. We’ll be happy to share our expertise on the subject and get started planning together.



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