Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing: What You Need To Know!

There is considerable debate around hashtags and their use. The truth is that a hashtag is simply a keyword phrase typed out without spaces and preceded by a hashtag (#) (called the pound symbol in the US).

The purpose of hashtags is to draw attention to your content, categorize it, create your brand, and increase interaction. In order to use hashtags in your social media marketing, you might want to learn how to do it right.


Make Sure Your Hashtags Are Relevant

Don’t just include a hashtag to indicate that you did. Take the time to conduct keyword research in order to generate hashtags that your audience may create.

The hashtag should appear natural and be relevant to the content you’re sharing with your audience.


Use Hashtags That Are Relevant To Your Niche

Consider using highly precise, niche-related hashtags while searching for hashtags, even if they are really popular.

Many people use hashtags, so if you can use popular ones – even in a crowded area – you may now appear in those results and benefit from the popularity of the keyword hashtag.


Take a Look at Related Hashtags

Be careful when using relevant hashtags since you want to ensure that the keywords are actually linked to your niche and the material you’re sharing before using them.

You can use Instagram tools or a site like to identify comparable hashtags to consider.


Don’t use the same ones over and over.

You may already be aware that you should avoid repeating keywords on too many pages on your website. The same may be said about hashtags.

If you keep using the same ones in the same sequence and in the same style on all of your content, search engines will perceive it as spam.

Instead, change it up and try new things as often as you can.


Track Trends Using Hashtag Data

You can use data from your platforms to assess how well your hashtags are performing.

When you notice that particular topics are working well, it’s a good indication that you should look for additional related hashtags, create more content, and leverage those to attract more people.


Include Hashtag Links in Your Bio

A great approach to use hashtags is to include one in your bio that links to a landing page with information about the keyword in that hashtag.

Use a Sufficient Number of Hashtags

Some people complain about the number of hashtags used, but the truth is that right now on Instagram, using nine hashtags guarantees more views than using less.

You can use up to thirty on a standard post and ten on a story.


Look for the Best Hashtags

When it comes to hashtags, don’t just make them up on the fly. Instead, spend the time conducting keyword and hashtag research, using data to ensure that the hashtags you choose are effective.


Learn How to Hide Hashtags When Necessary

Many sites allow you to add hashtags but hide them from the viewer. Explore the site to learn more about how this works.

Your audience will be less distracted by hashtags and will pay closer attention to your content, but you will not miss out on search engines helping them in finding your content.

When you realize the potential of hashtags in social media marketing, you’ll want to start using them. Remember that you don’t want to use the same hashtags over and over again, nor do you want to use irrelevant hashtags. Using hashtags correctly will ensure that you get the results you’re looking for

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