Facebook Ads Retargeting – 6 Effective types of retargeting ads

Effective Retargeting Ad Types

There is no denying the effectiveness of remarketing. It enables sellers to target a pre-qualified audience—those who have previously visited a site—and encourage those visitors to convert or make purchases. Consumers are more than 75% more likely to click on retargeting advertisements than on standard show advertisements. If you’re unsure how to construct successful retargeting advertisements, consider the following examples.

Type 1: Resolving Customer Complaints

Many shoppers depend on image ads to discover new brands. Since sellers are well aware that social media users are reluctant to visit their landing pages, they produce simple ads that feature key brand properties in the expectation that the audience will care.

Since remarketing audiences are already familiar with you, there is no point in displaying a generic advertisement. They’ve already visited your website, but have not yet made a purchase. Take advantage of this opportunity to resolve consumer issues and persuade them to stay and convert.

Type 2: Show Them Products You Are Certain They Will Enjoy

On the internet, it’s convenient to window shop, and often people waste hours perusing items they have no intention of purchasing. Advertisers are catching on, using dynamic remarketing to retarget these shoppers. Here, automatically generated advertisements show the items that a visitor saw during their previous visit to the site. These retargeting advertisements are very successful because they remind prospective consumers how much they enjoyed a product and entice them to return.


Type 3: Instilling a Sense of Urgency

Many people use the internet to pass the time, and as a result, they get a barrage of remarketing advertisements. The most successful ads create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in shoppers and prompt them to act quickly. This time-tested strategy significantly boosts retention and click-through speeds, and the simplest way to implement it is through the use of an ad customizer. These code snippets feature countdowns in your ads automatically.

Type 4: Convince Undecisive Buyers to Return to Their Cart

According to a new survey on cart abandonment, almost 90% of online shoppers admit to abandoning an online shopping cart before completing an order. These statistics are unsettling for advertisers to remember, even more so after they have performed all correctly. Occasionally, what a buyer needs is a reminder to return and complete their order.

Type 5: Show Complementary Products to Buyers

The targeting phase should not stop with the conversion of prospects. Rather than exclude these audiences from the remarketing efforts, consider engaging them with advertisements for complementary items to their initial transactions. If you want this path, though, be sure to consider which items your customers often purchase in combination.

Type 6: Remind Existing Customers of The Brand’s Greatness

For the vast majority of businesses, it is possible to convert a single customer several times. Customers who are satisfied with their purchase make excellent promotional targets because they still trust and recognize the company from which they purchased. Consider your sales copy if you’re using retargeting ads to contact these consumers. Remind them of their affinity for your service, and don’t fail to have a call to action. If you offer a recurring service, retargeting ads will serve as a reminder to consumers to schedule future appointments.


Start Retargeting Today and Watch Your Profits Increase!

Hopefully, this list has sparked your interest in developing more effective retargeting ads. Bear in mind that the more tailored an advertisement is to its audience, the more likely it is to attract these customers back to your platform. With these and other ad formats, you’re certain to boost retention rates, maximize revenue, and convert first-time buyers into repeat customers.



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