10 Tips to Boost Engagement on Social Media

For business owners, social media is an exciting tool. Whatever business you’re in, you’re going to find an audience through social media. Additionally, there is little doubt that the more positive engagement you generate on social media, the more buzz you generate, the wider your reach, and the more conversions you generate.

The more your social media followers engage with you, the better off your business will be. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to get people talking! Here are 10 of our best tips for boosting engagement on social media.

1. Post the Appropriate Content

You must be a stickler for generating content for your audience. It must appeal only to your ideal customer. Bear in mind that you want to weed out folks who aren’t your customers and will never buy by creating highly targeted content that is entirely focused on your ideal customer.

2. Integrate a Chatbot

A chatbot may be integrated into your website and each of your social media profiles to assist you in providing exceptional customer service to your customers. They can take orders, respond to questions, and even solicit feedback from your audience – all automatically and 24 hours a day.

3. Host a Contest

When hosting a contest, carefully evaluate the awards. You want your audience to be the only ones who care about the reward. This manner, you can be certain that participants will become customers.

4. Host a Q&A Session on Social Media

For example, you could schedule a time to answer prescreened and even live questions about your products or services from customers using social media platforms like Facebook Live. This can also be recorded for future use so that the question-and-answer session will never go away!

5. Request Feedback

If you communicate with your customers on a regular basis, you should solicit feedback. You can communicate with them on each channel and via email. One approach to accomplish this is to display product covers and allow customers to vote on their favorites.

6. Increase Your Review Count

After each sale, follow up with a request for a product or service review. You can organize this questionnaire with the help of a provider such as Acuityscheduling.com, which enables you to distribute questions to everyone.

7. Automate Testimonial Collection

Include a query in your autoresponder asking for testimonials. Create one for each social media platform you use and distribute them separately to customers who have purchased your products over time. This will, more than anything else, inspire testimonials.

8. Create a Community

Creating a community begins with people who have shared interests or goals to which you can attract members. When building your online community, it is important to be authentic so that the group feels like they are actually joining an existing community instead of being sold something false by marketers trying to sell them things.

Once this foundation is created focus on encouraging interaction between members by hosting polls in order for each member’s voice to matter when contributing ideas about what should happen next within their specific environment (ex: Facebook).

You want everyone involved in making decisions because this gives off the perception that there truly exists some type of democracy where citizens’ voices actually matter.

9. Increase the amount of visual content

People appreciate beautiful things. They want to visit a website or social media profile that features visuals that speak to them. Rather than just relying on generic photos, consider taking your own images that are more personal in character to truly differentiate yourself.

10. Invite Them to Engage

Even if you post a question, not everyone will respond. Once you’ve shared the question on social media, send an email to your contacts with a link to the question, inviting them to visit the site to respond.

To encourage your audience to participate with you on social media, you must first define your objective, be familiar with your products and services, and focus on conducting two-way discussions with as many people of your audience as possible. Fortunately, you may do so easily nowadays with the help of social media and the tools that support it.


We all know that we need to post the appropriate content and provide customer service, but how do you create a community? The first step is simply inviting your followers on social media to like, comment, or share posts. Another way to encourage engagement is by sending out polls, quizzes, and surveys.

You can even offer prizes for those who participate in Q&A sessions! Finally, make sure you’re collecting feedback from customers with automated email requests or testimonial collection tools.

These 10 tips should help get your creative juices flowing as you brainstorm new ways of engaging with your target demographic online and offline. Make sure not to forget about visual content too – it’s proven that people are more likely to engage if they see an image accompanying a post.

We hope these 10 tips have helped and we’d love for you to share any thoughts on the article in the comments below!

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